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Poet Ali is a multi-faceted Rap Artist, whose writing style and microphone skills are a force. Dancer, Poet, Choreographer and Motivational Speaker, Poet has shared the stage with acts like: One Republic, Christina Millian, The Dream, Mos Def, Talib Kwali, Colbie Caillat, and Run D.M.C. As a tri-lingual Artist that can rap in several languages, he has toured global stages in Italy, Spain, the U.K., the Middle East, the Caribbean, and all over the United States. He has a knack for writing and producing both meaningful AND marketable songs. Poet's unique versatility is one of his most exciting traits and allows him to mesh with any genre/style while retaining his unique sound. Poet is the Artist behind the new T.V. show, The Voice of Change, created with More Zap Productions.

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Another "Random" stop by TSA
Another “Random” stop by TSA
Published On: October 1, 2014
Here I am at the Devner International Airport.  This is  of many murals, that the airport is famous or in-famous for. There are three articles of clothing on me that seems to attract a lot of attention. I am wearing a vintage limited edition Muhammad Ali shirt from one of his youngest fights. I'm also wearing a beautiful, red, […]

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After a night of making music and having a #listeningsession with my boy @z_zone Googled local breakfast spots even though it's lunch cause I'm a silly mf like that. And I run into #NESTSTATION. I've lived in the #Lbc for three years and never knew about the spot - dope little #café. To set it off, their playing #odb in the background and I saw this on the #wallart #epic #hiphophistory #hilarious #taxonomyofrap #ilovehiphop ...

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My #niece #reign #reina -
yes she's a girl lol

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performance is mezmorizing - Rihanna on #SNL - ...

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The cultural, social significance of the #punchlines and double entendres in this freestyle Jay-Z - Shawn Carter kicks at the #tidalshow is insane - not to mention flow is on a different level ...

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